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Kickstarter - Life Without Lights

My good friend Peter DiCampo is an incredibly talented photojournalist who has been working on this wonderful, meaningful project for years now. He’s holding a fund raiser to help support the continuation of this project. Here’s an exerpt from him:

"I began this project while living in rural northern Ghana, where I realized how deeply the lack of electricity affected the lives of my neighbors: It impeded their progress in the sectors of health, education, gender equality, agriculture, and virtually every aspect of development. Since then, I’ve photographed people living in a state of Energy Poverty on top of the vast oil reserves of Kurdistan, and just outside of Albuquerque, the largest city in the US state of New Mexico.

The next two chapters are perhaps the most important to date: on the drastically rising costs of household energy bills in the UK, and the dire effects of Energy Poverty on women’s health in Uganda…”

Please donate if you are able to spare anything to help contribute to this project. It’s cliche, but every little bit helps - even a dollar! Thank you in advance!

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